10x Wildlife Photography (November 2020)

$130 USD (US Dollars)

Take wildlife photography to the next level with this five-week, online, live-learning workshop running from November 1 to November 29, 2020. 

We’re offering a special discount price for this workshop as we know many people have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Places in this workshop will be limited to keep the class size small.

Join wildlife photographer Adrian Cho and like-minded learners for an immersive and engaging learning experience. This workshop is a month-long immersive learning experience that’s completely unlike online courses that deliver prerecorded “canned” content. All classes in this workshop are live and you will receive extensive one-on-one interaction and feedback from the instructor during the workshop especially if you choose to interact during classes and in between classes using the online forum.

This workshop will consist of five live-streamed classes on the following dates:

  • Sunday, November 1, 2020
  • Sunday, November 8, 2020
  • Sunday, November 15, 2020
  • Sunday, November 22, 2020
  • Sunday, November 29, 2020

with each class broadcast at 11 AM (North American Eastern Time) and running for between 90 to 120 minutes. These will be completely live classes and questions can be submitted in the livechat during the class and Adrian will answer them on camera. Replay of classes will be available if you can’t make that broadcast time. See below for further details.

Discussion will continue between classes with a private forum where participants can discuss various aspects of wildlife photography and exchange images. Adrian will be available to provide detailed image feedback.

Please see further below for more information. This short video trailer will give you an idea of how the classes will be run.

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What does this workshop cover?

We'll cover tips, tricks, techniques, tools (gear), fieldwork, image editing, image review, and more.

Topics will include:

  • Creating impactful images by capturing light, behavior, scene, story, and emotion
  • Capturing depth in your images
  • Finding the right perspective
  • Reading the situation to predict the best shots
  • Honing your technique to unleash your creativity
  • Attaining mastery over your gear
  • Creating visual flow in your images to engage viewers
  • How to get the unique shots that others miss
  • Embracing difficult lighting
  • Making the most of nature's colors
  • How to photograph wildlife near your home (and why you should be doing that)
  • Putting wildlife first and the ethics of wildlife photography
  • How to select your gear and travel with it

While we'll focus on the art of capturing unique portraits of wildlife in their natural environment, we'll also cover other aspects of nature photography, such as landscape and astrophotography, if there is interest from the class.

What experience do I need to take this workshop?

You can take this workshop if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • You're new to photography and you're willing to put in the work to learn some foundational technical skills and techniques. This work can be done before the workshop begins or during the workshop.
  • You have experience as a photographer but have never photographed wildlife before.
  • You have experience photographing wildlife but want to get better.

All participants will receive a survey prior to the workshop to help Adrian target the workshop to their needs as much as possible.

How will this workshop be delivered?

Each class will be streamed live using multiple high-definition video feeds to present video, images, and in-camera views. Each class will be approximately 90-120 minutes long and broadcast on a Sunday at 11 ET (North American Eastern Time).

If you need to take a quick break during a class, it will be possible to pause the playback and resume later and watch with a delay. You can also jump forward to the "live" point at any time.

If you miss a class you will able to catch (or replay) the recording of that class for up to one week after the initial broadcast.

During a class, you can questions at any time by typing in the livechat and Adrian will answer on camera. Small class size ensures all questions get answered. Continue discussion and get support between classes by joining a private online forum dedicated to this workshop. You'll be able to chat using text or voice and share images with the group or with anyone in the group including Adrian.

A survey will be sent to participants before the workshop begins to help Adrian tailor the classes to everyone's needs as much as possible.

After the workshops concludes you'll receive an invitation to an online forum where you can continue to interact with Adrian and other wildlife photographers as you continue to level-up your craft.

What if I can't make the scheduled time for a class?

All classes will be recorded and made available for one week. This gives you the opportunity to play it if you miss the class or even to replay it if you want to go over something that was discussed. The only thing with watching the class later is that you won't be able to ask questions live and have them answered on camera however you will be able to ask questions in the forum at any time.

Will you be offering this again with classes at a different time of day?

We understand that the scheduled class times may not work for everyone especially given different timezones. At this stage we can't commit to the scheduling for future online workshops but we will certainly offer the workshop again if there is demand. If you would be interested in registering for a workshop at a different time of day, please let us know.


If you have any questions about this workshop, feel free to use our contact form.

About the instructor

Adrian Cho is passionate about sharing the joys of wildlife photography. A highly-praised educator and presenter in multiple fields of creativity, Adrian combines an informal and relaxed style of engagement with a wealth of knowledge and a unique approach to both wildlife photography and teaching. To get an idea of his style of delivery, check out his YouTube channel. Here's just a few testimonials from some of Adrian's previous students:

"Adrian is an amazing teacher. Best course I’ve taken. Adrian was knowledgeable, pleasant, and had a love of his material. I learned a lot."

"Virtuoso teaching performance by Adrian Cho. Bravo!"

"Adrian Cho is a fantastic lecturer – very knowledgeable and great presenter."

"Adrian’s knowledge and his presentation of the course were excellent and he made the class interesting, informative, and fun."

"Adrian knows how to reach his audience and as a teacher he is also spot‐on!"

"Adrian has an innate ability to interact with the students and his knowledge is amazing."

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Adrian’s style of teaching is easy to understand and encouraged everyone to be thinking photographers.“

“The workshop more than met my expectations due to the engagement of Adrian with each student between the classes. He is an excellent teacher who is able to adapt the content to meet the needs of a wide range of students.“

“Beyond my expectations. I’ve learned so much and realized how much I don’t know. Looking forward to more workshops!“

“This workshop exceeded my expectations. I found it very valuable.“

“This was one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had. It was the first on-line course I’ve taken and Adrian made it very positive. I would recommend taking a course with Adrian for anyone who is motivated to bring their photography to the next level.”

“This was a great workshop and Adrian worked hard to encourage all the participants and to fully answered all their questions. I had fun and learned a ton.“

“I benefitted a lot from this course, as should anyone wanting to improve their wildlife photography both technically and artistically, regardless of their prior experience. Adrian is very personable, approachable and constructively responsive as an instructor.“

“Worth every penny! Learned a lot!“

“Adrian was a highly enthusiastic lecturer! His lectures were very well organized and built on material from the week before. Adrian is very knowledgeable and was eager to share his knowledge and interest in nature photography with us. It also helped that he was technically very proficient. Adrian opened the door for me on taking wildlife photographs. I hope to get a decent camera soon and with the knowledge I have gained from Adrian’s lecture, pursue my interest in nature photography. Thank you, Adrian!”

“I loved the series, very well done, very interesting, and great examples and tips were shared. Adrian knows his material, he is very well prepared, even his setup (camera, sound, technical equipment, background lighting) is top-notch. I highly recommend him.”

”Adrian is an excellent lecturer who really knows how to teach. I appreciated his analysis of the images submitted by class participants.”

”Adrian was truly dedicated to this series. Going above and beyond, sharing his knowledge with all of us regardless of skill level.”

”I really liked the approach he took to this photography lecture series. It was more artistic than technical and he emphasized the importance of putting your own spin on things following a framework he provided. Thank you for this very worthwhile experience with Adrian!”

"Great workshop! It covered a broad variety of topics applicable to wildlife photography but went into depth on many points as well. It helped me identify gaps in my own skillset and concrete ways to help improve. Adrian was also very receptive to what participants were interested in learning about. It felt like a very personal experience, despite being an online course. I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for another course."


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