Frequently Asked Questions


How are your photography workshops unique?

Here’s some of the important ways that we’re different to many others:

  1. We focus on ethical wildlife photography and wildlife conservation because we believe it’s better for the animals and you can get better photos. We put the wildlife first. This gives you a very different perspective on wildlife photography and you will also be exposed to a very different set of unique photographic opportunities. We believe you’ll have a richer experience, you’ll learn more, and that you’ll be more deeply affected by the experience.
  2. We are truly dedicated to helping our workshop participants become better wildlife photographers. Our commitment to teaching goes deep and beyond our workshops.
  3. We are deeply committed to helping people come away from our field workshops with images that they can proudly publish. Way too many people go on expensive photography workshops and come back with a disappointing set of images. There are many reasons for this. While we can never guarantee the quantity and quality of wildlife sightings, we do our best to make them happen and to ensure that you’ll make the most of whatever opportunities present themselves.

Do you have physical requirements for your field workshops?

Yes we do. On many other photography workshops people spend most of their time in a vehicle or in a hide and they often shoot from tripods or gimbal mounts on vehicles. We think that’s extremely limiting and the results are often telling. We try to do as much of our photography on the ground as possible. This means standing, kneeling, crouching, and even lying down and some walking.

You don’t have to be “super fit” for our workshops but you must be “everyday fit.” Specifically:

  • You must be able to get around entirely without assistance and carry all your own luggage and camera gear.
  • You must be able to handhold your largest camera and lens without using a tripod, monopod, or any other type of camera mount.
  • You must be able to hike with your camera gear for up to ten kilometres (six miles) per day, although in reality we very rarely walk that far in our workshops.

These are absolute requirements. Meeting them will help you make the most of the many photographic opportunities and ensure that you don’t slow down the rest of the group.

How many people do you take on field workshops?

We typically have no more than three photographers teamed up with one photography guide. Occasionally there are four photographers. For some field workshops we will have two or maybe even three groups of three or four photographers each with a guide. The groups will work independently as much as possible.

Where and when are the next field workshops happening?

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we have suspended all workshops in the field. In the meantime check out our online workshops to help you level up your craft.

We’re currently working on plans for workshops in Africa and North America in 2021 once it is safe to travel again. If you’d like to be informed when these are scheduled, subscribe to our mailing list.

I have a question not answered here.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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